Introduction of Gachang Art Studio

by 가창 posted Oct 27, 2016


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Gachang Art Studio is a support program for artists. It's hosted by Deagu Foundation for Culture and is run with support from Daegu Metropolitan City, Art Council Korea and Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education. We offer a stable creation space to promising and emerging artists. Our goal is to invigorate creative activity and enhance art exchanges between the community and artists. Gachang Art Studio is the only creation space for contemporary arts in Daegu. We renovated Urok Elementary School, which was closed and built it into a creation space for young contemporary artists in 2007.



Program Overview

Residency Program

Gachang Art Studio supports artists the space and time to support the advancement of their careers and to strengthen their practice. For the resident artists, Gachang Art Studio offers various programs such as mentoring, open-studio, resident artist exhibitions, seminars and workshops, supporting active and research activities. Mentoring programs invite curators, art theorists and philosophers, offering critic session and discussion tables that transcend the limitation of genres for resident artists.


International Artists-in-residence Program

International Artists-in-residence are selected by their proposals submitted by an online open call. The vision of the project is to enhance the understanding and communication between the artists who are working in Daegu and the internationally invited artists through the exchange of diverse cultural background. The guest artists will have three months working period, and the end of the project, they will have 10 days exhibition whose achievements and outcome are based on the residency.





Residency Facilities

- 4 studio : each 66/ 8 studio : each 33

- 2 galleries : each 66

- office room : 30

- meeting room: 30

- 2 dormitories : each 11/ dining room: 18

- Outdoor Workshop : 70






46, Gachang-ro 57-gil, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea (zip code : 42940)


T. +82 (0)53 430 1266











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