2019 Gachang Art Studio open call

by 가창 posted Oct 17, 2018


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Daegu Foundation for Culture Announcement 2018-10-17



2019 Gachang Art Studio

International Artist-In-Residency Program



2019 International Artist-in-Residency Program at Gachang Art Studio is now open.

Daegu Foundation for Culture recruits International artists for Artist Residency Program. Gachang Art Studio features in contemporary art and offers International residency program. There are programs such as Foreign Artists exchange program, Incubating program, Local community revitalization program and so on. The vision of the project is to enhance the understanding and communication between the artists who are working in Daegu and the internationally invited artists through diverse cultural backgrounds. The organizer of the program expects the diverse background and aesthetic interests of the residents will lead to an exciting and successful exchange, and lasting friendships. We look forward to having a lot of applications from young and passionate artists for the program.


October 17, 2019

Daegu foundation for Culture



1. General Guide Line of the Program

Qualifications : foreign nationality and overseas residence artists under 40 years old based on the announcement date

Field : All areas of Visual Arts(painting, photography, sculpture, installation, film/Video, new media, etc.)

Number of recruitment and duration : 6 international artists, in terms of scheduling preferences, please select your first/second/third choice of residency period on your application

January 01-March 31

April 01-June 30

July 01-September 30




Residency period will be given according to selection order, but it may change any time.


2. Support

One studio per Artist (33, with cooling and heating facility) and one accommodation per Artist

Round-trip Airfare (economy seats) : international flight only

300,000KRW for monthly support fund

(it may change depending on currency rate)

Solo exhibition by the end of residency program


3. Application process

Announcement : October 17(Wed), 2018.

Application period : November 12(Mon), 2018.-November 16(Fri), 2018.

Deadline for applications : November 16(Fri), 2018. at 18:00

No later than 18:00 on November 16(Fri) KST(Korean Standard Time)

How to apply : application accepted by e-mail (gachangartstudio@gmail.com)

Any Inquire : Call (+82-53-430-1266) or email (gachangartstudio@gmail.com)


4. Application

Documents for application

- Copy of passport

- Completed Application


A letter of self-introduction

Personal project for the residency period

Download from Gachang Art Studio website (www.gcartstudio.or.kr)

- Portfolio

up to 15 pieces of your work(from recent three years work)

and/or 3-minutes video (smaller than 100MB)

Please note

- Please send us as Digital files (PDF or PPT and/or AVI for video)

- Do not exceed portfolio image limit (within 10 pages)

- Submitted application will not be returned


5. Screening Process and Announcement

Screening Committee will be selected

Artists will be selected through

- 1st(application screening) -> 2nd(portfolio screening) -> final announcement

Announcement: via our website on December 7(Fri), 2018.

The results will be announced individually and on the our website


6. Requirements for the Residency Program

Abiding by regulations for Gachang Art Studio's resident artist and performing Residency Program

Active participation on Gachang Art Studio programs

No pets or children allowed

Submit portfolio for archiving when leaving the studio


7. Note

If one submit a false information on purpose his or her application, permission for the program will be canceled.

If one joins another residency program at the same period during stay at Gachang Art Studio, his or her application will be cancelled.

Contact : +82-53-430-1245 / gachangartstudio@gmail.com

Website : www.gcartstudio.or.kr

Address : 46, Gachang-ro 57-gil, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea(zip code : 42940)

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